Site Work Construction

Site work construction literally refers to the “curb appeal” of a project and is supposed to capture the attention of passersby.

Scopes of work include concrete or granite curbing, concrete or cobblestone gutter pans, concrete pavers, masonry pavers, and/or cobblestone, flagstone, walkways including ADA handicap accessible ramps and landings, and concrete alleyway or roadways surrounding worksite communities/properties.

You may not think much about your curbs and gutters, but they’re more than just hastily constructed concrete drainage slabs. In fact, the concrete you see above ground is only part of the story. Concrete curbs should be placed at least eight inches below ground level. These sturdy concrete structures create a strong support to adjoining asphalt surfaces and help mitigate untimely failure due to traffic and road wear. Curb and gutter site work can be done as part of your building’s initial project, but Intown also specializes in removing and upgrading deteriorating curbs and gutters as well.

Inferior concrete sidewalks are never a “set it and forget it” project. Weather, de-icing chemicals, unsuitable subgrade, and even intrusive tree roots can destroy concrete surfaces and contribute to potential trip-hazards or other dangerous conditions. Intown provides review and inspection service to its customers to help identify and remediate potential hazards. Safety first!

Commercial concrete contractors recommend using concrete steps and landings. Using concrete ensures stability and provides stronger support than other building materials. Concrete landings provide the strongest base and help to reduce load requirements for beam to column connections and stair supports. Intown provides review and inspection service to its customers to help identify and remediate problem areas with step and landing structures.

Concrete pavement has a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional asphalt including:

  • Greater load-bearing capacity
  • Greater than 2X lifespan of asphalt
  • Cleaner, cooler, and less reflective surface
  • Less maintenance
  • Greater curb appeal and resale value

Intown is happy to inspect or review your concrete paving needs and will provide you with a comprehensive solution that meets your construction needs.

While concrete is a durable material for curbs, granite is another great, cost effective option for your site. Granite has been used in curbs for over 100 years, most notably alongside all the streets in Washington DC. But why choose granite curbs over concrete?

Granite is a maintenance free option, able to withstand all weather conditions and even excessive wear and tear. It is 100% natural, meaning that it leaves an even smaller carbon footprint than concrete, and it is a beautiful investment for your landscaping needs as well as your parking lot or sidewalk curb. Granite curbs are made to last and are a great way to increase your building’s curb appeal and commercial property values.

Handicap accessible ramps and landings can be modular or permanent, using a wide variety of building materials such as metal, wood, composite, and concrete. Of those options, however, concrete is by far the best choice for permanent ADA handicap access ramps and landings with the lowest maintenance, greatest load-bearing capability, and highest safety standards of all.

Intown Restorations Inc. specializes in constructing ADA compliant concrete handicap ramps and landings. Whether part of a new commercial building project, adding to an existing building, or updating an older ramp, we use the highest quality materials for long lasting, beautiful handicap ramps and landings.

Asphalt wears and deteriorates differently from concrete and therefore requires more attention to subsequent failures.  Intown understands what’s needed to repair and restore asphalt areas. Whether roadway or parking lot areas, there’s only one correct way to address asphalt concerns.  If it’s potholes, trip hazards, cracking, or simply a mill and overlay needed to bring your lot up to maximum curb appeal, Intown will deliver the results you’re looking to achieve.